Monday, December 15, 2014

Torrington Drive-In

Smack in the middle of nowhere with the closest thing being a closing Kmart a few miles down the road sits a hidden gem left over from the 1950's. The Torrington Drive-In located in Burrville, CT was built as a one screen theater in 1950 holding over 400 cars. With the fast and steady decline in popularity for drive-ins the theater closed to the public in 1981. In the late 80's and early 90's the site was considered to be the new home of the Litchfield County Courthouse but those plans never came to be. So today the land sits empty occasionally being the landing point of 1,000's for Connecticut Bike Week.

You never really realize how large those screens are until you are standing bellow one. The trees in which the screen is wired too are permanently grown together as one.


  1. can someone go in to explore or is it closed to the public?

  2. This was open when I was really small and whenever we drove down Old Route 8 at night we had to hide our eyes because our mom did not want us seeing R rated movies from the car. LOL

  3. I live right by here. Even once played a gig with my band for "Bike Week" on the back of a flatbed semi truck that had been pulled into this post apocalyptic wasteland.

  4. Haha I remember the Manchester Drive In...When I got to HighSchool this is when I found out about all the keg parties they would have at Manchester drive in..Good times.Also remember kids would have a spot on the outskirts in the woods where you could watch the movies froma distance.No sound but the heck with it. I also remember going to the Xrated Drive in at Berlin Turnpike.Yup Xrated movies.LOL!!A friend in HighSchool had the idea of hiding ,about 3 or 4 of us,can't remember, in the trunk to sneak us in.LOL!!Using a fake ID.. We were dying in the trunk .Hot,Smelly,cramped. And you felt every bump. We knew we were in when you could here the guy talking when he paid his entrance and then we could feel all the bumps when riding over them entering the drive in.I remember one movie was Linda Lovelace in DeepThroat..L M F A O!

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