Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Foxon Quarry

Foxon Quarry in East Haven, Connecticut has been abandoned since 2011. Backlash from residents and law makers brought the quarry to a grinding halt. It looks as if over night the company picked up and left leaving some things including a few trucks behind.

We got into the site through a hole in the fence on the Foxon Blvd. side of the Quarry. Getting in was no trouble and once we were in it was a cool site to see... It did include a lot of walking. There are even a few ponds on the location where we saw some people swimming, though I would not recommend that... Just be aware this site is on private property and you could get in trouble for being there.

Photos by Michael Parisi of

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  1. You can't drive in, so you'd be best off parking off of RT 80. Very dangerous hills, weak ground. Large wild animals at night. Cool spot though if you're up for the hike. It's secluded once you get up the main path.