Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Banton Street

Banton Street nestled between Route 15 and the Quinnipiac River from the 1920's to the early 70's, at its peak it was home to over 36 homes, Now?... Population zero. Do to upstream development over the years river flooding became too much for this community, and in 1972 the state bought the remaining homes demolishing them to the ground. Now all that remains are empty grass covered lots and plant covered curb line with the remains of building foundations.

Today a majority of Banton Street is owned by the state of Connecticut and part of the Quinnipiac River State Park. Its abandoned streets can be walked today without fear of trespassing.

Old Staircase into river
Old Driveway


Failed Christmas Tree Garden?

Fence marking former property line


  1. Cool website. We've been doing the same thing with a paranormal viewpoint. email me for some abandoned locations we've found, Drop by our website, or stop by haunted connecticut paranormal investigations on facebook. The locations on most of our locations are not publicly disclosed for obvious reasons. Brian

  2. Thank you Mike. It looks like a great place to explore.

  3. Is this right off rt 15 near masonicare?

  4. Jeffery, This is behind the NB rest area on RT15 in North Haven.
    Beware that hunting is allowed in that area so wear safety orange!

  5. Is anyone interested in bringing on an extra member for explorations? I've been fascinated with history for as long as I can remember. I have an awesome camera, and have some special abilities. (I also happen to have a degree in video filmmaking.)

  6. Btw my name is Kristen. Email me at