Sunday, September 13, 2015

Elmcrest Mental Hospital

Mental Hospitals are creepy to say the least, as you probably have saw in the feature film Shutter Island. But what if I said this one was for children. Elmcrest Mental hospital was opened in Portland, CT in 1942 and was built around the historic childhood mansion of Elizabeth Jarvis Colt. Not only did this site host In-Patient help but also an on campus school for the youth patients. In 1998 a patient was killed while being restrained by an employee and the final chapter on this historic location ended in 2003. Today the campus remains untouched but be warned is patrolled heavily by security.

One way mirror interigation room

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Aerosol Factory

Out of sight out of mind, but never the less extremely interesting. This 176,000 square foot factory sits hidden behind the trees in the heart of Milford's industrial district, adjacent to the once famous and now demolished Milford Jai Alai. Once inside this outrageously creepy building you are surrounded by amazing pieces of graffiti work and the irony of it all is that it used to be an aerosol factory... As seen in the video bellow you cant take 2 steps without running into a can of spray paint. Today the building sits as a canvas for "taggers" and the massive aerosol tanks sit intact. Out back you can even see the old train tracks that came through to the shipping and receiving building.
The building has been abandoned since the mid 1990's


Photos by Michael Parisi and Michael Ackler of
Video by Michael Parisi

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