Monday, October 27, 2014

Caldor Department Store set to return

The once beloved Department Store "Caldor" is set to make a comeback this year. The original 160 stores shut their doors in 1999 leaving over 24,000 without a job. Justin Calabrese who purchased the trademark in May 2014 anounced that online sales will begin later next year. Justin states that "I want to modernize the Caldor brand in order to replicate its successful operations back in 1999."

The company will operate out of Calabrese's hometown of South Windor.

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Caldors Store after 1999 closure:

Demo of a Caldor Store:

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Story by Michael Parisi of Abandoned CT


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Abandoned Village of Johnsonville

Knock on the door this October and say "Trick or Treat" and there will be no answer. While walking through the now abandoned village of Johnsonville is East Haddam, CT you can help but think to yourself "Where is everybody?". Johnsonville was once a thriving Mill Town in the 1800's with twin mills creating powers from the villages pond. Raymond Schmitt purchased the 52 acre property in the 1960's with intention of turning it into a Victorian tourist attraction, he transported most of the building that lay on this quiet piece of land from near by communities. The horse stable was used for weddings and fundraising functions but in 1994 this all ended when Schmitt got into a dispute with the town permanently closing the village to the public.

As of October 2014 the village remains abandoned but is to be put up to bid for $800,000 which raises the question... Wouldn't it be cool to be a Mayor of your own town?

 Inside the General Store

Photos taken by Michael Parisi and Michael Ackler of Abandoned CT