Saturday, May 2, 2015

I-84 Stack Interchange

Hidden in plain view towering over Interstates 84 in Farmington, CT sits a multi-stack highway interchange never used by the public. If you thought CT Route 11 was cool you are going to love this. It was planned to be the first four stack interchange in Connecticut's history and plans reached there final details in the 60's and by 1969 when man landed on the moon the construction began. While the highway was almost completed, in 1973 issues with the MDC reservoirs in West Hartford halted all further work and the interchange was left for dead.

As of 2015 there are no plans to open the interchange that has sit dormant for more then 20 years although one of the ramps has since opened.

Connecticut Highway Dept. ,1963

Photos by Michael Parisi and Michael Ackler of
Video by Michael Parisi

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Smiles Entertainment Center

Don't be fooled by the old signage "Smiles" is anything but. This once thriving entertainment center now looks like a scene out of Columbia Pictures feature film "Zombie Land". Complete with a Mini Golf Course, batting cage, full arcade and much more this true entertainment center was a staple in the community for over 35 years. In 2011 it's three decade run came to a halt when the economy was at an all time low, and just like that the family fun center was no more. It wasn't all fun and games here, the center has somewhat of a sinister past. In 2001 Smiles was host to a double stabbing where a party goer was stabbed three times, and most notable in 1994 when a gang battle erupted outside the center and a young boy was assaulted and others shot.  

Update: Location demolished in 2015

Photos by Michael Parisi of

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