Sunday, November 16, 2014

CT Route 11

In Eastern Connecticut sits an under funded, deserted, and unfinished highway that goes by the official name of CT Route 11. While traveling this road to nowhere it is almost certain you will be alone with no fear of rush hour traffic. Originally proposed to be a direct route from Colchester to Interstate 95, this indirect Route drops you off in the small town of Salem. The year 1972 was the last year of construction leaving a half finished highway with a large unpaved portion complete with carved mountains, two overpass bridges and storm drains.

Plans to revive the construction have been brought up countless times over the years with proposed tolls to fund the project, but each attempt has failed.

Photo by Google Maps

Photo by Google Maps

Monday, October 27, 2014

Caldor Department Store set to return

The once beloved Department Store "Caldor" is set to make a comeback this year. The original 160 stores shut their doors in 1999 leaving over 24,000 without a job. Justin Calabrese who purchased the trademark in May 2014 anounced that online sales will begin later next year. Justin states that "I want to modernize the Caldor brand in order to replicate its successful operations back in 1999."

The company will operate out of Calabrese's hometown of South Windor.

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Photo from:
Caldors Store after 1999 closure:

Demo of a Caldor Store:

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Story by Michael Parisi of Abandoned CT