Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rural 169

Guest Post: submitted by Megan Anne

If you ever take a trip to the quiet corner of northeastern Connecticut, rural route 169 is the way to go. Bail on I-395 and opt for the scenic path. 169 takes you through rolling hills, farmland, forests, and historic landmarks. Along the way, there are a plethora of abandoned, grown-over buildings (but unfortunately, a number of them fall in occupied backyards.)
One of my first trips to the northeast took me past this abandoned silo. It stands out against the horizon and it’s surprisingly overgrown for being on what seems like a manicured landscape, so while someone must be taking some care of the land, the silo has failed its purpose and it’s left to rot. 
There’s nothing really haunting about it, but since there is so little traffic on 169, it can be eerily quiet. There is a dirt road off to one side but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. That will be a trip for another day I guess. I just thought the tower stands out so perfectly against the backdrop! I’ve been by it now in every season and it’s one of my favorite 169 landmarks. 
There’s nothing interesting inside, just dust and vines now. I would imagine there must have been something else nearby that’s since grown over, like a farm or something of use. But this is all that’s left.                                      

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bright new future for the once abandoned Powder Ridge

Most of the places we feature have a grim outlook on their future... but here is a nice surprise for once. Take a look at this story released by WTNH on the bright new future of Powder Ridge. Also be sure to check out our old story on the once "abandoned" Power Ridge...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pratt & Whitney revisited

Nearly two years after first posting about Pratt & Whitney in North Haven we have returned again. A lot has changed here... The building is currently undergoing demolition so we set out with our cameras to catch some last shots of this historic factory. By this time next year the entire property including its grounds will be reduced to rubble to make way for a new industrial park.